About WINDOWS11UPDATE.com And Why You Should Read It

Friends, we just started fresh new blog name Windows11Update.com on Microsoft Windows 11 OS. Here on this blog we will share all kinds of news, leaks and rumors of Windows 11. We will also update the site with Windows 11 concepts, features, release date and lots more.

Windows 11 Update Logo:

Windows 11 Update

Why You Should Read Windows 11 Update:

Below are the 4 reason why you should read Windows11Update.com

  1. Did you know, Microsoft has warned, there won’t be any Windows 11. To get more news like this you need to read aout blog.
  2. We will try out best to provide the best and most elaborative content available over the web.
  3. Here you also share comments and views using Facebook or wordpress. We also subscribing option like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus or google feedburner as a medium to stay in touch with us.
  4. In future we will also have forum to discuss the new OS.

Is Windows11Update.com Official Site:

NO. Its a fan site dedicated and niether affiliated nor associated with Microsoft. We provide all kinds of news on Windows 11. The site gets regularly updated with Windows 11 features wishlist, concepts and more.