Windows 11 Concept Features Wishlist

After the launch of Windows 10 people have high expecation from Microsoft next operating systen. Even though Microsoft has warned there won’t any Windows 11, but still here we present few features wishlist for Windows 11.

Windows 11 Concept Features

Microsoft is a huge brand that is known all over the world because of their vast services that have transformed the world of computers, significantly. It is multinational organization that started their journey from USA but gradually they have expanded their offices in more than 40 countries. This organization was formed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the Albuquerque. From the beginning, this organization has given various platforms that have made our life very simple. Microsoft gained its popularity by providing their operating systems to IBM and made huge impact on the market at that particular time. Instead of taking share the made introduced the commission based partnership. These products are useful in normal lifestyle as well as for commercial purposes. Some of the hit products that Microsoft has provided are Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows operating system.

Write 11 Features Wishlist:

1. Alternative between Start Menu and Start Screen:

Window 8 and Windows 10 screens looks really good but that is not working properly with various devices that people use in their normal life. There are various features of window 8 (tiles option) that are beneficial for tablets but they don’t work with full functionality on desktop and laptop. People with computers like to possess icon on their computer and that is why it should contain start menu so they can easily use Window 11.

2. Direct login to the desktop

There is huge problem with window 8 and Windows 10 that it boots directly into start screen and then you need to click on the desktop icon for displaying the applications. We know that it is not a big deal to handle this feature but after few days this problem will become irritable. That is why people are demanding that window 11 should come with the option of disable or enable this feature. That will provide much needed help to people and they don’t have to face this problem in windows 11.

3. Charms Bar Turn On/Off with the user permission

The charm bar option is perfect for you if you are using Start Screen in tabs because that helps in identifying the latest views and active apps. But it is worthless for the desktop users because they didn’t require this feature. It becomes very problematic to remove this option because it appears on the screen time after time. So, this feature should come with controlling option that you can easily manage to unable/disable this feature.

4. Users control ribbon in Windows Explorer

Microsoft windows posses Ribbon user Interface in its explorer which is replacement of Command bar present in Window 7. Ribbon UI is very beneficial feature that allows people to access various applications on the first go but most of the window users don’t like this option. Lots of people have tweeted on Microsoft official tweeter account that they should disable this feature from window 11.

5. Offer quick access to Power

In the previous version of all window platforms, power options were given in the start menu and people can access the alternatives such as restart, sleep mode (hibernate), shut down etc with ease. But window 8 had made it really difficult as most of the people are unable to locate the power options. In windows 8 all the power options are shifted into charms bars which are close to impossible for new users to understand that feature. Window 11 is going to be developed on the basis of window 8 and people are demanding power option should be provided in this window. People are also recommended that it should be included in the user picture given in start screen.

6. Aero Glass Transparency

This feature was introduced to the world in Windows Vista and people really appreciated this idea because they can enjoy transparency effects on their computers. It was all going well till window 7 but in Microsoft removed this feature in window 8. Many people have started using third party software to bring that effect and that makes their system prone to crash. That is why they have demanded to include Aero Glass Transparency feature in their Wishlist of windows 11.

7. Custom color and font option

It is one of the biggest miss that people have register in window 8 because this feature is disabled in this window version. People have missed this feature a lot as they were not able to change the coloring scheme, font and style. But it is expected that this feature will be included in windows 11 so people can make adjustments according to their likings.

8. Notification of Windows Update on desktop

Windows update notification alerts are also removed from the window 8 and people were really annoyed with this decision. In windows 8 you have to manually check the windows updates as your desktop will not provide you alerts. In previous versions of windows, people can easily keep their windows up to date without any problem as it always displayed update message in notifications in the task bar. That is why people have demanded to add this feature in the windows 11, in order to enjoy great computing experience.

9. Switch screen On/Off

Window 8 possess very great feature of screen lock but that is not beneficial for desktop and laptop users at all. It might be added for tablets and similar types of latest gadgets but it doesn’t provide any benefit to computers. Even though there is special feature of disabling lock screen is added in the window 8 but that is very complicated process and many of the users won’t find this option in windows 8. That is why people have demanded that this feature should be either removed from the window 11 or should be provided in task bar.

10. Customized Desktop Backgrounds

The start screen in window 8 is not helpful for customizing background and that is why Microsoft has provided built in images to cover up this flaw. But users can’t use any other picture in their start screen so they have to use the default image. People have requested to the Microsoft that they should add customized desktop background so people can enjoy their favorite images as their account profile picture as well as on desktop.

Friends share your own feature wishlist of Windows 11 in comments section below. We will regularly update the wishlist features.