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Updated on 9th October 2015

One doubt that was kept on haunting Microsoft fans was, whether Microsoft will release Windows 11 or not? Since they have officially announced Windows 10 is the last version in Windows series. Nevertheless, excitement is already touching the sky and fans have huge expectations from the Windows 11. A new and fast features wishlist is expected in the next version of Windows. Fresh format with several new applications without any compatibility issue is the most desirable feature that every Windows users are expecting.

Windows 11 Concept Image

Windows 11 Concept Image

Here you will find all news and update of Windows 11. Simply use the link below to navigate quickly. But we recommend you to ignore and read full article.

About Windows 11:

The tech industry is waiting eagerly for the news of Windows 11, even a little of its news is creating sensation among them. The problem Microsoft is facing is some people are not much getting interested in the update strategy which they have adopted recently, in place of which they want to see much bigger offering from Microsoft in the form of next Windows. Microsoft is not yet open to its next big project as they are busy in giving new updates to the Windows 10. In summer next year Microsoft is expected to give new update, code-name as, Redstone to the users.

Though people are more inclined towards Windows 11, the previous launch of Windows 10 has gained a huge success. The reason behind successful iteration of Windows 10 could be the focus of Windows’ developers since Microsoft see the developers a part of the bigger picture. They have developed a complete strategy this time for Windows 10 success which includes giving compelling reasons to users to download new updates. Besides giving it a touch of amazing looks, they have provided enough useful features to put enterprise on to Windows upgrading mode.

Microsoft Says No Windows 11: Why?

Microsoft Warned There Will Be No Windows 11

The official news has come from the Microsoft office that says Windows 10 will be the last Windows operating system and there will be no Windows 11. Since the tech world was piling up rumors of Windows 11 release, Microsoft decided to announce and share it publicly that they are not into making any sort of new Windows upgrade version after Windows 10. This verifies there will be no more Windows, and Windows 10 will be the last Windows from the Microsoft.

“Right now we’re releasing Windows 10, and because Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, we’re all still working on Windows 10,” said Jerry Nixon, Microsoft’s developer evangelist, at the Ignite tech conference.

Windows As A Service:

Microsoft has adopted ‘No more Windows strategy’. In a press conference, Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft development executive, gave a statement in which he said Microsoft is not going to make any more Windows after Windows 10, so you can say Windows 10 will be the last Windows for users, but it does not mean all will end here or whatever you have in hand is the last. Microsoft will not launch next Windows version, but for Windows 10 they will keep on giving regular updates to enhance the user experience. He was not alone to say that, in fact Microsoft itself has confirmed and backed Jerry Nixon’s statement and said they will continue to update Windows 10 on regular intervals in the place of standalone Windows version. This news was shared in Chicago during Microsoft’s Ignite conference. Microsoft will adopt a particular pattern of update launch for Windows 10 will make the Windows as a service to serve their users. As they believe this strategy is more useful to concentrate on users requirements.

Steve Kleynhans, an official authority of Microsoft, has also confirmed there will be no more Windows. As creating the whole new Windows cost a lot of time. It takes about 2-3 years approx to create new Windows and by the time final product launch in the market, its turns old.

“There will be no Windows 11,” warned Steve Kleynhans, “Every three years or so Microsoft would sit down and create ‘the next great OS’,” he said. “The developers would be locked away and out would pop a product based on what the world wanted three years ago.”

About Next Microsoft Operating System Update:

After the news of no more Windows from Microsoft, there are several rumors that are making highlights in the tech world, and somewhere it is all worthy to keep track of that. As Microsoft has said they will not launch next Windows after Windows 10, but rumors have hinted that they have something big in the bag for users which they will launch in 2016.

Microsoft Redstone Is a Code Name of Windows 10 OS Update Or Windows 11

As per reports, Microsoft is planning to release new update (Codename: Redstone) in the year 2016. This update is more in news since many experts believes this will not be a bigger update but it will bring lots of improvements and bringing Windows 10 support to more devices, like HoloLens. Next year updation as codename Redstone is on the calendar, this news is revealed by the Neowin which reported company is planning to bring a remarkable update for the window 10, but how much affect it would have on Windows 10 is not yet clear. Many people are wondering about the name they have given, Redstone. What does that mean? It is basically a very popular item in Minecraft, where it is utilized to build new technologies to improve the product.

Microsoft Next OS Update Release Date:

It seems Microsoft has some big surprise in their bag which currently they don’t want to share, but they will unveil when the time come. Microsoft has said they will give regular updates of Windows 10 for their users and they are working hard to give them useful updates. Among their hard work on update news, there is rumors running in the tech world which hints they are secretly working on the Windows OS next update, Redstone, expected to release in 2016. Many experts have claimed the new update that Microsoft has planned for next year will not be a major update but will bring lots of improvements to Windows 10.

Windows 11 Release Date

As a matter of fact, Microsoft has clearly declared that Windows 10 is the last Windows and they will not make any more Windows. Few tech experts are reporting Microsoft will create a new operating system but they will not give it a name of Windows, rather they might market it with new name. For now, as per reports, Microsoft has planned new update for Windows 10 and has given it a codename of Redstone arriving in 2016. For more read Windows 11 release date.

Windows 11 Concept:

Even though Microsoft has confirm there will be no Windows 11 but that does not stop fans from designing Windows 11 concept. Below is the Microsoft Lumia 965 concept which comes in four colors Silver, Gold, Green and Orange.

Microsoft Lumia 965 Windows 11 Concept

Microsoft Lumia 965 Windows 11 Concept

Microsoft Lumia 965 runs on Windows 11 operating system. The device features 5.5 inch edge display with 2560*1440 pixel resolution, 21 MP primary camera and 8MP selfie camera with flash. The device features 2GHz Octa core processors, 3GB RAM, different storage option(32GB, 64GB and 128GB) with no microsd card slot and non-removable whopping battery of 3,630mAh.

Microsoft Lumia 965 Concept Specs

Microsoft Lumia 965 Concept Specs

Check more Windows 11 concept here.

Microsoft Next OS Update Features Wishlist:

As now you know about the working of Microsoft on next operating system update as Redstone, so you can share features wishlist of next update with a hope that Microsoft will listen and add those features in the next OS update. Share your features wishlist in comment and best one will be updated on the site…

46 thoughts on “Windows 11

  1. Windows 11? We didn’t need Windows 8 or 10!

  2. Akatambira Brea

    you are the best

  3. Richard Oravetz

    A lot of people rejected Win 10 because these found that they were loosing the functionality of their old software, particularly video and the ability to burn CD’s and DVD’s. I viewed an upgrade to Win 10 to be more of a downgrade. Hey, if I want to have a tablet I will buy a tablet. MS needs to include more backwards tech since many, particularly business, are finding that they will be loosing the use of valuable equipment because the software for it will not run on Win 10. Also, much legacy data is being lost because it cannot be accessed on Win 10. I see a number of businesses still running XP because expensive equipment that they own is no longer supported by a vendor yet it still functions flawlessly.

  4. the best os is ever is windows 7

  5. I want windows 11. My pc OS is Windows 8 which has very struck.

  6. I am using Windows 8.1 which hangs a lot. so please upgrade windows 11
    as soon as possible, just like apple os, thank you

    • Trancer Hunter 5812

      Keep wishing. Microsoft keeps saying Windows 10 is the final numbered operating system but it will be constantly improved and updated over time.

  7. Until when is microsoft going to make these updates? besides by the time they stop making them, those that would have been made probably would make new OSes so it is better they revise their decision.

  8. I can’t beleive that in twenty years time we will still be stuck on windows 10

  9. make another window operatng system i.e window11 mobile for phone only so we can use just like other smartphone than better.

  10. please,update or develop new version of windows 11 for mobile and PCs.It is great verison window 11 for the users and they want to experiance with window 11.I think this version will be biggest in the future.So,update this version fast and develop version like window 12,13,14….. in the future.I hope about it.


  12. Microsofts last GREAT O/S is windows 7. People want an o/s that doesn’t have a bunch of freaking salad. Give me meat and potatoes. I want a streamline O/S that doesn’t use 90 percent of My system resources (slightly exaggerated but feels that way so it’s accurate). They come out with this fast new technology core I 7 6th gen and soon the new AMD ZEN processor. But the new systems are slower then the old pentium 3s because the stupid o/s’s are getting more cap and more cap consuming more system resources. I just recently installed Linux on a i7 and was blown away at how fast new pc’s really are. There great but windows is so resource HUNGRY. Microsoft really needs to create a windows version called WINDOWS SLIM I would personally pay 500.00 to be given a slim version of windows which gives real windows users everything they desire. Example… the freaking start menu expected in windows, not this tablet crap, for a PC! And something slim not resource hungry so that I can enjoy my new AMD ZEN or I7 6th gen. So I can boot up in 3 seconds. So I can load prog. In 2 seconds. So I can browse the net with out running 150 background progz. Please I think a permanent windows slim for those wanting those features is doable and the price tag of 500 bucks is nothing for those that want what WORKS! I’ll pay that because although Linux offers all of this for free, I want the ability of ease of use, that is using Windows base programs compatible with the windows monopoly. Say YES for WINDOWS SLIM!

    • There is a slim version of Windows 10. It is called “Windows 10 S”. You can install it from a cd. When it asks for version, select “Windows 10 S”. Desktop Apps are not working. Only apps from the windows store are allowed.

  13. i like it win 11

  14. nobody like windows 10 make for casuals and even them didnt like it a lot of people just used it cause they missclicked the upgrade Oo windows 7 was soo good and is still sooo good why did they do this? why they try to come closer to mobile devices os on a PC ? why they try to scream pc useres away from pc?

    • Yea, the windows 10 GWX program on windows 7,8&8.1 was very sneaky though. For example they would set a time for the upgrade without telling you, and if you clicked on the X, it would take it as a ‘yes install me’, rather than a ‘no I don’t want this yet’. Windows 10 lays off the ‘tablet PC’ idea unlike windows 8&8.1. Windows 7 is good, and Microsoft continues to support it until 2020, but Microsoft makes the mistake of thinking everyone wants the latest and greatest.

  15. Don’t listen to Microsoft its all lies they will be making more windows you want to know why there making more windows because if they stop making upgrades and not releasing anymore windows then Microsoft will go out of business or not be the top notch company as they once were there will allways make more windows they will change the name and there doing that now so again do not listen to Microsoft tech writers or anyone as long as bill gates is around windows will continue to upgrade or someone else will get the copyrights from Microsoft and do it for them because the world isn’t ending under the lord jesus Christ comes back that’s all I have to say about that keep your windows people its allways good to have and know so keep it coming

    • I guess you are dumb to make an statement like that without understanding what they say…the statement provided by Microsoft makes complete sense.. even if they stop launching new windows, whichever device which has windows as its operating system will still have it and their business will run.. maybe they might stop launching new windows for the time being but they will regularly update new features and services for windows interface if required through windows update..

  16. Win 11 should have parental control easy and working with local account.

  17. hope the new format does not suck as hard a windows 10. I have been using the internet since the 1990s and I have too say that windows ten is a piece of crap. I don’t know how they could release such a horrible system it deletes you old system so you cant revert and your stuck with windows 10 ,thanks Mirco douche

    • Well actually they have the ‘go back to windows 8.1’ in the settings. I believe windows 10 is very good. You are probably an elderly citizen who doesn’t like change. Well that’s what it sounds like.

    • Well, Ricky, windows is very well managed, only if you know how to do a proper install. If you were not sure, you must have installed windows on a separate partition keeping it as a dual boot system. If you are overwriting an existing system with windows 10, then how can you expect to get old system back.

  18. How nice. Can I install Windows 11 on my Lumia 625? How?

  19. I just wish they would improve the current OS (faster and leaner) than continue to put out junk.

  20. I do not like windows 8 nor windows10 both of them stinks now windows 7 was a 100% better.
    if you could the next windows like 7 that would be GREAT.
    Thank You

  21. I love windows 11 I wish It was released

  22. It God man ! time move on with neww. Awaiting for redstone.

  23. Windows is most popular operating system. When windows 8 launch its market go down. But after window 10 launch user exception increase for window 11. I am happy to see start button again in windows 10. I am sure many people also happy to see that. Now he want to now the features and realese date of window 11.
    Many user give his wishlist for window 11. Here I see many useful information about window 11. Thanks for information please update more detail regarding windows update.

    • 10 is the same system to 8.1 with minimal changes, they both use the blue ‘metro’ interface for the start menu, which is buggier than ever in 10, and security or live running software can cause 10 to freeze and play up. The so called start menu is not that different either, it’s just 8.1’s screen squeezed into a column instead of across a screen, and it controls identically (touch pad or scroll wheel).You can’t drag and drop shortcuts and you can’t customize it in 10 without finding the shortcut location, re-arranging and restarting your system to see the changes. If you want a real vista-xp-win7 style start menu and button, use classicshell. This in 8.1 makes for a far stable system than 10, and therefore much closer to 7. Windows 10 was released too soon to keep up the Joneses (Apple)

      • windows 10 had a lot of issues when i first installed it, had to restart a couple times to get icons fixed, windows start menu to appear…etc…etc

        but a month after that, and fully updating my computer ive had 0 issues for the past few months, not one single crash, freeze up, lag, error…etc.

        • Same here, but that was only because of outdated drivers which I fixed in a jiffy. But now, like you, it works a breeze.

      • 10 is the same system to 8.1 with minimal changes! What rubbish! Its heaps different not to mention better. its more like 8 is the same system to 8.1 with minimal changes, but not windows 10! You must have a terrible computer if windows 10 freezes. Windows 10 wasn’t released early as well.

  24. I DONT MUCH LIKE W10 …..


    • Nice spelling and grammar. The operating system can’t really be “MORE POWER FULL”. Maybe you should get a better computer that’s “MORE POWER FULL”.

  26. Supports the new Windows. 11 is Prime Number, and will always be self reflecting Sabbath Star.

  27. This is nice move but I still wish a new OS from a Microsoft every 2-3 years along with yearly update strategy…


      • That’s why they put “One doubt that was kept on haunting Microsoft fans was, whether Microsoft will release Windows 11 or not? Since they have officially announced Windows 10 is the last version in Windows series.” at the start.

    • I’m with you. There’s nothing like that feeling of a brand new Windows unless its like windows 8.1 where they forced things upon us.

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